Holiday Sacks

Holiday Sacks



Our Holiday Burlap Sacks are now available! 

  • Burlap Sack: $49.99 with a GUARANTEED value of at least $100

Most bags will exceed the guaranteed value!!

How it Works:

  1. You pick your two favorite Adirondack Flavors from the dropdown list
  2. We guarantee that those two flavors will be in your sack 
  3. We then build the sack based upon your favorite flavor choices, this allows you to enjoy some other favorites, or perhaps something you've never tried before!
  4. We then randomly put in random extra goodies into random sacks, random, random, random....
  5. Extra Goodies can consist of, a variety of Hardware/Tanks OR gift cards up to $100 OR Gift certificates to redeem a 1/2 gallon OR Juice for a year OR T-Shirts and other apparel OR maybe just MORE Juice
  6. ADK Claus ships your sack on its way to you as fast as we can. (Shipping delays do occur during these box sales) 
  7. Profit!!!!!!

 *Discounts and codes are ineligible for all Sack Sizes

 *Not Everyone wins goodies, they are placed in boxes completely at random

* 1.5mg is available by request. However we only offer 1.5mg in certain lines and as such those are the only lines we will be able to fill the bag with. If you would like 1.5mg, please order a 0mg bag and leave a comment on the box that you would like it in 1.5mg.