Adirondack Classics! (Choose your flavor)
Adirondack Classics! (Choose your flavor)

Adirondack Classics! (Choose your flavor)


The old Adirondack Classic flavors are back for a limited time! Stock up now!

Algonquin: A very earthy, dark berry combination. A slightly tart note from the Acai is blended in with the sweet notes found in Lychee. 

Champlain: Sweet minty(wintergreen) flavor without overpowering, finished with an ever so slight hint of apricot. 

Elbrus:  Tangy orange is mixed with bits of mango, a hint of papaya, strawberry, and notes of other fruit. Elbrus is finished with a mild cooling exhale. Very refreshing, not overly sweet, packed with flavor!

Mauna Kea: A wonderful mix of fresh strawberries, a subtle hint of dark chocolate, and a wisp of sweet mint make up Mauna Kea. It is finished with a smooth cream to really round everything out. 

Stanwix: A smooth, rich, delicious chocolate inhale, with just a hint of tobacco upon exhale.

Tupper:  A fragrant blend of cantaloupe melon and fresh strawberry finished with a champagne exhale.  


****These will all come in a Max VG blend

****Limited quantities, when they are gone, thats it!